Men 2016


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This season has been nothing short of a miracle. I can say for me especially it’s been a dream come true. I chose to attend IWU simply because my brother goes here, I wanted to be part of the basketball program so bad, but the roster was full. Eventually I was able to become a manager for the team and coach Tonagel gave me a few opportunities to practice with them. After Jacob Johnson broke his hand coach T asked me to join the team, to help them out in any way.

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I’ve been blessed to be part of such an amazing program. A program that puts God first, others second and themselves third. Throughout this season I’ve gotten the opportunity to grow with the other players, and the team has pushed me in ways I’ve never been pushed before. They helped me realize what I am Third is really about. That is something no other basketball program in the world can offer.  – Kar Reng

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