Men 2017

I could pull out a million different specific moments from this past season that have stuck out to me. However, more than any of them, it’s been the relationships that I will cherish most. Regardless of whether we win or lose the next 2 games, the bonds I’ve formed with my teammates hold so much more importance to me.  I think about our seniors and the immense amount of wisdom they’ve passed on to me. Or upper classmen like Ben Carlson who was my first friend when I arrived to campus and has remained one of my closest friends. I think about newcomers like Saikou Jallow and Canaan Coffey—men I’ve had multiple 1 on 1 conversations with about tough, intimate topics. And I think about my roommates, my best friends, my brothers, Trevor Waite and Grant Zawadzki. We’ve been together since day 1 and have been inseparable virtually everywhere we go. We’ve all endured different seasons, different roles, different hills, and different valleys, but one thing has always remained constant. We have always rooted for each other. We are each other’s biggest fans. When one of us succeeds, we all do. And that’s what makes this team so special.

People wonder where our success has come from the last couple years. If you want to know the secret, it’s this: We have 15 individuals who have gotten over themselves and decided to push the person next to them to their fullest potential. Sometimes that means getting in the face of an All-American like Bob Peters. Or maybe it’s having a tough conversation about life with my roommates. Maybe it’s talking through spiritual battles another teammate is enduring. Regardless of the circumstances, we love each other. We choose to fight for one another, and we go to battle every day on and off the court for each other. When I look back on this past year, I don’t see 15 individuals, I see one team. It might be win or go home tonight, but our journey together is only just beginning.

  • Micah Davis