Men 2017

The togetherness that our team displays on the court is not solely formed during practices and games.  Rather, our team has gotten to be so tight-knit mainly as a result of the time that we spend with each other off of the court.  This week in Branson has only served to enhance our relationships, as we are faced with a lot of down-time.  We dedicate an hour every night to intentionally meet with a teammate and to pray.

The first teammate that I talked with was Canaan Coffey.  We hung out in the hotel hot tub and talked about what was going on in each others’ lives, and then we hopped in the sauna to pray together.  It reminded me how fun faith can be when it is shared amongst those closest to you.  The next night was spent with Lane, tossing a football in the parking lot while discussing the message that Shay Robbins had just delivered.  Lane is a goofy guy, but has a lot of wisdom when you can get him to be serious.  On the third night, Beezy (aka Ben Carlson) and I hit up the pool to talk about our romantic relationships.  And lastly, tonight I spent time with Micah and Grant, my roommates.

One may ask, “So how does that translate to the basketball court?”  The answer to this question is that it translates in so many ways.  Because of the depth of our relationships off of the court, I am willing to do anything for my brothers on the court.  Whether that be diving on a loose ball, taking a charge, or even cheering from the bench, I am ready to give an arm and a leg for these guys; and I know that they would do the same for me.

  • Trevor Waite