Men 2017

I remember when I was told I was going to Branson, MO with WIWU to follow the men’s basketball team on their quest for another National Championship. I was elated at the opportunity to grow my technical skills. I love working for WIWU-TV and this trip offered me one last opportunity to learn before I graduate in April.

More than learning the intricacies of what it takes on a trip like this, I was excited to hang out with the team more than I have before. These guys are way more amazing than anything they offer on a basketball court. Sitting in on film sessions, meetings, and especially devotionals, Coach Tonagel has clearly made God #1 on this team. The coaching staff has done an amazing job creating devotionals and bringing in people to speak to the guys. God first, others second, then me. It really is more than basketball with these guys.

Shay Robbins of Kanakuk Kamps spoke to us about holding onto grace and never letting go. This was the kind of thing that a team going for a Championship run needs. No matter what happens, then only thing that really matter is that we hold onto Christ with everything we have and never let go.

Being around these guys has given me the chance to learn from people I never thought I would have the chance to learn from. New friendships, strengthening old ones, and lots of memories have made this trip an amazing experience thus far…. hopefully more days to come.

But one thing that I will always remember and take away from this trip is … it’s way more than just basketball.

I. Am. Third. – Derric Gowan