Katie KeyKatie Key – Freshman

This year has been a transition where I have learned a lot of new things with basketball and about the girls I am around. I never knew the experience to Iowa is as big as what it is. I have been able to go to an elementary school with little kids, go to a hospital, and do special olympics. All of these things are experiences that I’ll never forget, along with being able to continue to put my jersey on. Right now we are playing to keep our seniors in their jersey and I know that each game we are going to go out and give it all we got.

A different type of game time with the students at Unity Elementary

A different type of “game time”

Jessica BrownJessica Brown – Senior

Getting to the national tournament is a journey within itself. Being at the national tournament is a blessing and you can’t take any of it for granted. I’m trying to soak up each moment on and off the court. We’ve been able to visit an elementary school, children’s hospital, and work with the special olympics. All have been humbling experiences and will leave me with lasting memories. I’m truly grateful for amazing teammates and the opportunity to put the Wildcat uniform on again.

Lady Wildcats high five the students of Unity Elementary at the end of their visit.

Lady Wildcats high five the students

Mikayla MartinieMikayla Martinie – Freshman

Playing basketball at a collegiate level alone has been such a great new experience. Now, getting to the National Championship? That’s like entering into a whole new world. We’ve had so many great opportunities here in Iowa so far. We’ve had the chance to serve off the court as a team which adds to the memories that we’ve been making as a team since June. The journey has been so great and I’m also looking forward to the adventures this game bring.

The ladies perform a skit for the kids at Unity Elementary.

Skits for the kids

Jessica StewartJessica Stewart – Senior

The opportunity to even be able to come to nationals is awesome in itself. I love what we get to experience when we enter into Sioux city and it only gets more special every year we get to come. We get to go to an elementary school and talk to kids about character and make them feel so special for an hour of their school day. We also had the humbling opportunity to go to a children’s hospital and let me tell ya.. what a beautiful experience and to be able to do it with 13 of my very best friends. Special Olympics is also another thing we get to do. This year we were in charge of the parachute.. what a day! There is a lot of preparation coming into nationals.. and while we are focused on scouting the team we are going to be playing, we are also changing the lives of other around us and in the community of Sioux City.. I’m not sure what gets more special then that!!!!

The Lady Wildcats spent time with some of the kids that were part of the Children's Miracle Network at a local hospital.

Children’s Miracle Network