Men 2017

What do some of the world’s most amazing fresh and hot rolls (tossed to you from across the room no less) and great college basketball have in common?  Well it’s the Crossroads League, of course.  Indulge me and I’ll explain.

While making the road trip to Branson, a stop at Lamberts Café in Springfield is a must.  And apparently, everyone knows it.  Lamberts is famous for its staff literally throwing hot rolls to customers.  The rolls are devoured with a healthy heap of sorghum or honey.  Yet, they are a mere foreshadow of your choice of a variety tasty entrées.  Everything on the menu is amazing.

Hungry and anxious eaters arrive by the busload.  This is where the Crossroads League connection is made.  Last evening, the IWU Wildcats’ charter pulled into the parking lot around 7pm.  As the team made their way to the front door we met the squad from Taylor University heading out.  Two minutes later the Bethel Pilots sailed in.  Five minutes after that it was the St. Francis Cougars arriving.  (Coaches in the Crossroads League know how to eat!)

Four teams will represent the Crossroads League in this year’s National Championship Tournament.  The CL has proven to be one of the finest NAIA conferences in the nation.  An argument that it is the best could be made.  Top ranked teams and national championships are the rule rather than the exception. 

While we cheer on the Wildcats we wish the other CL conference teams success as well.  That is until when and if they meet up with the Wildcats in the Final Four.   Then it’s every man for himself…just like when a hot roll is flying through the air.

  • Roger Alcock