Men 2016

Lane with Jackson

This is my third time traveling to the Men’s NAIA National Tournament in Branson, Missouri. Each year I have seen the Wildcats grow throughout the season and change in their ways spiritually to live out their motto of “I Am 3rd.”

Lane with Lane

I have had the privilege to follow this men’s team for the past couple of years. My very first year, as a freshman, I had the opportunity to follow the 2014 National Champions and that was a great first step in my journey through my college career.

In the NAIA National Tournament, there is always a play that can tell you if a team is going win or lose a game. During the 2014 National Championship run, the slam dunk by Lane Mahurin was that play.

Many people probably would not like doing what we do which is following the team, carrying a camera wherever we go, and recording everything we see. But I love this. This experience is something that I can’t get anywhere else. The best part though about this trip is following a team like the Indiana Wesleyan Wildcats.

I really look forward to watching them play in this tournament. Last year was a shorter trip with the loss to Davenport. There is a fight in the team this year after a close loss in the Crossroads League Championship against Saint Francis University by 1 point. Many of the players know what the taste of a championship feels like and I can see that they want it again.

Me Interviewing Jonny


This year is a little different because I am doing a lot of interviewing and in front of the camera tasks compared to editing and shooting video for content. I know this year is different and it’s like the good phrase “the third time’s a charm.”