Men 2016

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This year has been quite a journey for me personally and for the team as a whole. I stepped in as the new DOBO (Director of Basketball Operations) after the national tournament last year and was unsure what to expect. With my new position it gave me new opportunities to spend more time with our coaches and players through a Christmas break trip to Arizona and this past week and a half in Branson, Missouri for the national tournament. What I am going to remember most about these trips is not the games we won (by the way we went 7-0 and won a National Championship between those two trips), but the growth I have seen in myself and everyone on those trips. Basketball seemed almost secondary. We were still focused on the game ahead of us, but the coaches and players were more concerned with the spiritual growth than winning or losing.

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In Branson we were challenged to pray together, and throughout the week we could see God moving in all the prayers that were being answered. My position may not be the most glamorous job, but I would not trade this year of serving the team. Staying up until 3:00am going on grocery runs, ordering food everyday for 30+ guys, and me and the managers air drying the jerseys with hair dryers so they were dry enough for the game are memories I wouldn’t trade. I will always remember this week by the lives that were touched. I will remember the players coming together and playing the game of basketball for a much greater cause. And that cause was to glorify and promote the Gospel in whatever the circumstances, win or lose.  – Matthew Martin

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